About The Author

Dr. Ammini Moorthy, PhD

Ammini Moorthy is a retired Professor-Emeritus of Biology, living in the Eastman Community in the town of Grantham, NH. She came to the USA in 1967 from a rural village in the State of Kerala in India, after getting married by an arranged marriage to a perfect stranger who had just started living in America. She obtained a Ph.D. in Cell Biology& Genetics from NYU, did her post-doc at Princeton University, and got an Assistant Professorship at Wagner College, NY. She achieved tenure and full professorship in ten years, developed and taught many courses, was the chairperson for the pre-health and pre-med committees, served as a mentor for several students, and supervised many undergraduate research projects. After 34 years of teaching, she retired as an Emeritus and moved from NJ with her husband, who is also a retiree, to New Hampshire. They have a son and a daughter who are married and have contributed three grandsons. Ammini is an avid reader, a great cook, an engaging speaker, a tireless gardener and is a participant in many community activities. Blessed with a photographic memory, she kept herself busy writing her memoir during the COVID period. Currently she is finishing a cookbook and doing genealogy research of her family.